Friday, 31 October 2014

Lycian Way 1

The first days on the Lycian Way have given us spectacular ocean views as we walk up and down the stoney hills along the coast. People in the little towns are very friendly. Bays an amazing turquoise. 
We have seen interesting ruins at Sidyma, Xantos Letoon and Patara (in photo) and walked a trail that included going over/along an ancient aqueduct around a hillside looking out over a sea of greenhouses. That area of the trail appears significantly less popular wih lots of overgrown adventuring and a turtle (?small tortise) along the way. Feels very remote and adventurous although we are still close to some big resort towns like Kalkan. 

Gösleme near Patara delicious and cooked fresh over hot coals!  We are enjoying lots of home style Turkish cooking in our paysions along the way. Not a kebab in sight!


I'm afraid the post on Finland and beyond are still on my laptop awaiting photos and upload. We had a great time through the whole stretch including a week in the mountains around Mont Blanc and a quick trip to Dijon and Champagne on the way to Oxford. 
It was a very busy week catching up with friends and research and now we are in rural Turkey. 

We started the Lycian way in seaside Fethiye. Great seafood and cute topiary.