Sunday, 10 August 2014

Norway week 1.5

Our last day in Denmak we enjoyed Årburg and it's fjord /dock side Utzon centre. It was exciting to see some of the original work that led to a building I have such familiarity and affection for (Sydney Opera House). Skagen had good seafood but was an extreme popular town with beachside tourists. We moved on to a delightful B and B half an hour from our morning ferry and just nearby to a lighthouse that is being buried by sand dunes. Much more picturesque than the church being buried near Skagen!

On landing in Norway we headed north west to Stavanger through fabulous forested hills, fjords and lakes - and this was via the main highway not the scenic route! We knew this was going to be a good trip.

The next day we joined the hoards of tourists walking up to pulpit rock (priekestolen). We established I would not cope with the other tourist hike to were people stand on top of a boulder wedged in a chasm almost 1000m above the fjord as I was petrified of Tom going near the edge.

Instead we walked up the Månafossen glacial valley to a remote hut. It was a tough/ slow ascent as I am not accustomed to picking my way over boulders in the morain and previous avalanches. It was a beautiful valley with glacial lakes, waterfalls and wild berries to snack on. Up at the hut we were lucky enough to be there on a night the volunteer caretaker and his brother were in residence. They were really interesting to talk to and very welcoming to two tired and wet walkers late in the evening. The huts are amazingly well stocked and maintained. 

Our next stop was a couple of days based in Bergen. It is a beautiful city and we had a great view walking down from our airbnb flat to town. It provided a good rest and research stop. The nearby UNESCO listed fjord and Flåmsbana old railway were a spectacular day trip. We came back out through similar territory to Lom at the edge of Juntenheimen national park. We have had so many scenic drives and pretty country to explore. 

Thankfully the Bessegen ridge didn't look quite as threatening from the direction we travelled and we got great views of several lakes both fresh water and milky glacial from the way along. So many good views of the surrounding peaks too. Our little base camp in Lom at the Nordal centre is serving us well with a nearby tasty restaurant to try one night and bakery for when we're not cooking up a Nordic fish take on red curry!