Monday, 23 September 2013


I harvested the first 2 figs off our little tree today. 
They are tasty and extra satisfying having looked at them ripen over the last month. 
Turkish grown figs are insanely cheap at the markets and I am now into my second £3 tray. Flicking through various recipes I came upon the idea of a fig Bakewell tart. Tasting reports to come. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Behind the walls

While the days may be starting to shorten and the mornings have suddenly turned crisp the gardens are looking good. I have been enjoying picking blackberries and cooking them up too. 
I went a meeting at Worcester college today and was reminded how beautiful Oxford is on a sunny afternoon. Worcester reminded me of the distinctly Oxford discrete design of college rather than the grand lawns and facades of Cambridge. The flat 18th century stone facade does not hint at the 20 something acres of orchards, interlocking courtyards and lawns that are just a block from the Ashmoleon. 

The lake reflected the start of the changing colours beautifully.