Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Brighton and Kew
We had another weekend of fun around London. Brighton was probably a similar temperature to Bondi on Saturday (recognising that Sydney is in winter!) but has its own version of picturesque minus the sand.  Hopefully I'll post some of Tom's photos soon. The hens parties gave frightening and fascinating people watching.  The famous pier at Brighton with its fun fair reminded me of lots of cultural imagery I had not previously been able to place. The Royal Pavillion reinforces the reasons the monarchy were ridiculed for their excesses.  The building however is wildly OTT and without their madness we wouldn't have got to see the spectacular silvered dragon which holds the glittering chandelier in it's claws.  I suppose the opposite side is that this is the only place that could fund such creative/ artisanal greatness, except perhaps the church.  Excellent fresh shucked oysters from a beachside hut (6 for 5.50) is certainly something Sydney could learn from!  The crab down there is delicious too.  I had forgotten home much I like being near the sea....  

On Sunday morning Tom indulged me and we took at trip to Columbia road flower market.  Imagine the fruit and vege section at Paddy's market but the stall holders calling out for excellent price lillies and gladioli.  Good fun.  I scored a little fig tree and herbs which hopefully will both produce for the kitchen in coming weeks and have now been made at home on the balcony. 
 In the afternoon we went to Kew gardens.  They have pineapples aplenty in amongst a food themed display with large model pineapple in the middle of the boating pond. (thinking of you Anne!) They call it giant but I think Queensland would have trouble with their definition of big!  The glass houses, lilyponds and giant avenues where a good place to wander for the afternoon.
There is an exhibition of Rory McEwen botanical pictures which mum put us onto. http://www.kew.org/visit-kew-gardens/whats-on/exhibition-rory-mcewens-legacy-13April2013.htm  His work was spectacular and luminous with simply leaves or flowers on a plain background.  He was more broad reaching in his artworks with abstract perspex art, music and grasslands etc also included in the exhibition.  Great stuff.