Sunday, 30 June 2013

Story book trees

I was struck when we first arrived by how different the trees look here. They look like the ones you draw with a trunk and round fluffy outline in line drawings as a child, the stuff of story books, not like the ones we have at home in Australia at all.

We've seen some fine examples once again with the return of the leaves while Mum and Dad where here and we travelled the gardens of Oxfordshire and Wales.

This one is a Sycamore adjacent to Hadrian's wall and gives its name to the little dip it is in.  We had a great time walking a stretch of the wall at the end of May.  It is quite spectacular in the central segment with the wall atop a hill with a rather sharp dropoff to the north.  The Romans taking advantage of a natural barrier on which to erect their symbol of power I suppose.  Some of the wall has been rebuilt and it's easy to do day walks between the various bus stops near the trail.

Staying at a local B and B and local pub dinner was a great luxury and provided endless amusement as the locals were hamming it up with the publican after a charity wheelbarrow race down the main street!