Sunday, 14 April 2013


Our last day in Istanbul we visited the Asian shore. It is less touristic with mainly local suburbs and markets. We had great food.
The last 4 days we have been enjoying the central Anatolian area of Cappadocia. It has fascinating rock formations and eroded landscapes. The soft volcanic ash rocks are easily carved and the pinnacles (called fairy chimneys) and cliffs have had chambers, churches with some spectacular and some simple frescos carved out of them.
It was a very relaxing stay at the hotel kelebek. The weather was clear and warm making it perfect for walking the gorges and I recharged my vitamin D supplies after the months of English winter. We also explored the fascinating underground cities which were used as hiding places by the Christians during roman times.
I leave you with the view this morning of the balloons at dawn. Because of the stable conditions this is one of the most popular places in the world for ballooning. Floating over the wild carved out landscape was certainly a highlight!
More photos to follow. My iphone ones don't really do it justice!


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