Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pilgrim Statues

I have been intending on writing about these for some time.

Throughout the Camino there are not just statues of religious figures but also those devoted to pilgrims and pilgramage.  One of the largest is on a hill and was placed there by the local windpower company.

I think there was a flurry of installation in the Holy year.  Many take a cut out or shadow design theme.

Traditional cross waymarker in the messeta

Some are quite stylised pilgrims or made up of their kit

While others are Saint James as a pilgrim, an ever popular theme.

Outside Lyon Cathedral
 Some of the most touching depict pilgrims in very lifelike ways,  Some carefully cast Bronze, others the whimsy of passing pilgrims.

Some are very abstract with pilgrim or shell iconography.   The bike is a monument to a cycling pilgrim who was hit by a car.

This windswept pilgrim at the entry to Galicia is particularly iconic.  Can you imagine him in snow?

 Santiago as a guide or pointing is a recurrent theme.  You can pick him buy his shells.

The Pilgrim Statue on the Mount overlooking Santiago

The galician sign of the pilgrim was particularly unusual (even without graphiti)

But I like them all.... and they all delighted as we passed by.