Sunday, 4 November 2012

Salisbury and Wells Cathedrals

On the way to Stourhead we stopped at Salisbury Cathedral with it's famous "wonky" spire, the talest in the country.

 They have my favourite baptism font.

 It also has some interesting modern ecclesiastic art and stained glass as well as the more standard gothic stuff and one of the (apparently original) copies of the Magna Carta.

The same weekend we visited Wells, also in Wessex.  The cathedrals were built around the same time and share some similar features.  Both claim to have the oldest medieval clock in England.  The Wells one has a cooler front and little jousters who spin around every 15 mins so I think it wins (sadly the photos didn't really work out)

 Some of the design elements have a simplistic modern/ timeless quality.  The chapter house roof reminds me of the Welsh parliament (or should it be the other way round)

While waiting for the service to finish we got to enjoy the singing coming from the Quire.


At 5 November 2012 at 19:43 , Blogger Katrina Morris said...

Given both mum and Tom thought Quire was just an example of my "creative" spelling, I direct you to wikipaedia - it's actually the name for the space between the nave and sanctuary where the choir sits. (we really are spending too much time walking around churches and me reading signposts!) ;-)


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