Sunday, 30 September 2012

Iceland part 4 - The north and west

From the eastern fjords we passed through some amazing highlands that are usually lava flows and cairns that mark the way covered in snow.

The Swift faced the challenge well.

The volcanic craters and hot steam vents of the mountains near Myvatn are very photogenic with lots of fumaroles glowing through the snow and providing power to the local grid.

From the back windows of the B and B we stayed in we could see this beautifully shaped crater across the road. (it wasn't noisy)

Walking around the crater was like being inside an Ansel Adams picture.

These wild fomations are from lava cooling at different speeds.

Around the lake there was still loads of snow, frozen ponds and askew power lines as they lay temporary power cable from huge wooden reels.  Gave us an idea for a new reality TV show - Extreme Tradies!  There was definitely enough to occupy our 2 days in Myvatn.

There are more steaming vents and craters than you can poke a stick at.
 Continuing on we visited Godfoss and crossed north over the 66th latitude to visit the cute village of Husavik with it's whale museum having lunch at a cafe on the main street that made awesome Goolash soup.

 For our last night out of Reykjavik we stayed in a cute wooden cabin with our own kitchen at Osar YHA up a dirt road.  In the morning we visited the beach and watched the seals before continuing through more volcano and steep valleys back to the "big smoke".
We made one last attempt at seeing the northern lights on a tour but to no avail.  I suspect they run the tours even if the chance of seeing them is only remote!  :-)  It was all fun and a great week away.


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