Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Iceland part 3 - South Coast and East Fjords

The southern coast is a wild array of lava fields, stoney desert and glacier country.
There were strong winds whipping up dust storms that seemed to contain pebbles at times. Lucky we were in a car rather than walking!
 The moss covered lava fields make for interesting textures.
You can see how it get used as a other planet movie set!

Glaciers and amazing basalt pillars that inspired the church in Reykjavik

 At Jökulsárlón a tongue of glacier is receding and has formed a lagoon with icebergs floating in it.  This is a wonderful place.  I think we have almost as many pictures of ice as seals in our archive now.  I'm just including a couple...

The fjords were very pretty as the snow fell dusting the higher areas with snow adding to the effect.  The YHA was excellent there too (in Reyðarfjörður) with kitchen etc which is a great tip for cutting costs and getting veges in although in general I think the bad wrap food outside flash restaurants in Iceland gets is unfair from our experience.

They drive big trucks round here.  Given there was even a section of the national highway that was unpaved, not entirely surprising!  Our little swift did pretty well for the week though. :-)


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