Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Iceland Part 2 - Golden Circle to Vick

We spent our week circumnavigating the country mainly along "route 1" which runs around the outside  of the whole country passing many of the greatest hits and giving us plenty to see in a week.
Due to heavy snowfall and storms we elected to go counter-clockwise rather than our initial plan which worked out well.

Heading straight out from Reykjavik we spent our first day around the "golden circle", a sort of greatest hits that is the focus of day trip tourists visiting the capital.

├×ingvellir, the site of the original parliament started in 930 and was an amazing open air meeting place until the 1800s.  It is a rift valley at the point where the European and American plates are moving appart by centimetres per year.  An amazing location.

Next stop was Geysir, which gave all of these hot spurting water holes around the world their name.
The swelling of water before it spurts out is very cool.

Finally we saw a series of pretty waterfalls.

  Until we finished in Vik for the night a little town with cute church on the coast with cool cliffs and eroded rocks off the black sand beach.


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