Monday, 24 September 2012

Iceland - Part 1 Reykjavik

After an action packed first 7 weeks enjoying living and working in Oxford we took our first week away.  We've been enjoying being so close to so many interesting UK and European destinations to explore.  I'll try and tell you more about the focus of our first weeks - southwest England and Wales sometime soon.

Flying in we were lucky enough to see some Aurora which when on to elude us for the rest of the week - Not that we stopped looking!

Reykjavik is the national capital and has that frontier town feel afforded by corrugated iron being the main building material but it is in fact very cosmopolitan and has a very "hipster" stylish food and design scene.

The rocket style cathedral is inspired by basalt columns and is very photogenic day and night, dominating the skyline.

 The Harpa is the cool new concert space and home to the local symphony and opera companies.  The facade and angles are fabulous and are lit by a Olafur Eliasson (of the Weather Project fame) moving LED artwork at night.

 For today I leave you with the Suncraft.  A cool statue echoing Iceland's Viking heritage by the bay.  So many photos, so little time!


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This all looks vaguely familiar...


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