Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sarria and Portomarin

The mornings have been very atmospheric the last few days with mist filling the valleys as if we are walking in clouds.
The valleys continue to be lush and green and dotted with little stone villages. The churches are less ostentatious with simple interiors. One had cute geraniums attached to the outside.
Sarria is built up a hill topped with a crumbling turret. We stayed in a lovely new alburgue - mayor. For a change from routine we had lunch at matius- run by an Italian who came on camino a couple of yrs ago. Very tasty.
Today we are inside 100km to Santiago and feeling it. There are now crowds and at times it feels like walking in procession. All of us that have come from further back have sensed it acutely. The reason is that you "only" need to do 100km to get the campostella. So lots of people join the train here in big community and youth groups.
Portomarin is in festival fever for Santa Isabel and the soccer. There's been bands and traditional dancing to bag pipes. It's an interesting spot over a dam. The original town was flooded but they are said to have moved the church up the hill stone by stone.
We had a great time watching the EuroCup final and the spaniards with Vern and Nancy and Victoria from NZ as Spain wiped the floor with Italy 4-0.


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