Monday, 2 July 2012

O Coto

After a good night at Pension Manuel we had an exciting morning. If I had thought the trails were crowded yesterday I hadn't seen anything yet! 140 high school students set out at the same time as us and many other pilgrims. It was like walking into a football final at the scg but went on for about 5 km! In the up side, we now have a taste of what a holy year must be like and were lucky enough to only meet them now as they have walked from ponferada in the Bierzo valley.
With relief we stopped for coffee and to share the experience with friends who've been with us since France.
After that we had the small team advantage and could get up and going faster than a group of 30+ can.
The trail wove through little hills covered in pine, oak and eucalypts past some small hamlets and lone houses to Palas do Rei.

Over the last few days I have been fascinated by little narrow huts/sheds that are raised about 1.5 m above the ground with slatted sides. Some have ornate finials on them. I had all sorts of theories but they are infact for drying and curing Jamon, cheese etc. only in Spain would almost every large house have one!

In Palas do Rei we had an excellent lunch at Meson Fourxe (I think it means forge) right on the camino for 9 €. Octopus, paella and fish all really well prepared. Thus fortified, we decided to continue on an extra 8 km to O Coto, and enjoy staying "off stage" to have the trail to ourselves a bit more. We passed Louis from Belgium. He gave us a listen to what he had playing in his Walkman. It was dance music. He said it was his "turbo drive". Not bad for someone who just had their 62nd birthday.

The b and b has a nice terrace and yard to enjoy the evening in. The owners are a very friendly older couple. She makes lace to the delight of the American women here tonight who haven't seen it done before.


At 4 July 2012 at 22:53 , Blogger Ashe said...

Definitely going to include a ham and cheese hut in any future house designs.


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