Monday, 11 June 2012

San Juan de Ortega and Ages

Today we left the comfy cuatro canciones in Belgrado and continued over the hill to the San Juan monestary. The walk passed a memorial to people killed in the civil war by Franco's forces. It's amazing as always for me that people would do that to their own compatriots (or anyone really). The long stretch over the hill through oak and pine forests was made easy by chatting to Peter and Merl, from of all places, Australia.
The monestary has a church devoted to San Juan, a deciple of Santo Domingo who was again focused on caring for pilgrims and building their infrastructure.
We where caught by a brief storm as we entered the small and almost deserted Ages. We have had a delightful evening at Hostal San Rafael with the amiable staff, especially the lovely woman who runs the place after coming here on the camino herself.
The funny spanish guys in our room are now teasing us for being in bed early while I write this so I guess I should stop. (we've just adapted to the 10pm lock out of the alburgues!)



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