Friday, 15 June 2012

Meseta part 1

We set off from Burgos and after 10 km entered the area known as the meseta - raised dry tablelands used predominantly for growing wheat and raising sheep. The meseta was not as barren as had been suggested. I suspect most people who write about it have not done the drive from Cobar to Broken Hill! There were frequent wind farms amongst the expanses of wheat rolling out to meet the sky it is still pretty green as the wheat is yet to ripen The region is an amazing raised tableland with valleys carved out by streams creating little spots for villages.
We had a nice picnic under one of the not particularly frequent trees.
The weather was on our side with relatively low temps for the lack of clouds with a cool breeze. It picked up in the afternoon so we were glad to have arrived at the alburgue by 2.
The sun is bright reflected of the stone houses even at 8pm.
today we enjoyed the walk through the valley lined with poplars along the road. Very pretty with the dawn sky turning pink and blue.
We passed a ruined monestary and then on to castrojeriz. Which is a town with a string of churches around the hillside and a ruined castle on the ridge that they appear to be repairing.
The walk continued up and down a large Mesa before descending through rolling hills to a bridge with many arches across a slow moving river. The land after the river is mainly again rolling with almost eroded mesas. Most of the fields appeared irrigated which may explain the slow moving river!
We met two amazing Dutch people who have walked from home with trolleys attached to their hips. Pretty neat setup but still sounds like hard work. We have seen some other people with similar but less well designed things so I took a photo.
Boadilla del camino is small and literally has one horse. We are staying in the small but functional municipal alburgue. There is another in town we found later which is nice with a walled garden with grass etc. a little oasis on the way as many of these towns are very dry and with little evidence of gardens rising up from the fields of wheat.


At 20 June 2012 at 09:01 , Blogger Lady Katherine said...

I remember all the euros whining about the meseta. Dad was even thinking to skip it initially based on what he'd read but I forced him to abandon that idea , "if we're doing it, we're doing ALL of it!! No cheating!" and very glad, I really loved it. More familiar scenery to us Aussies I think. That walled garden place looks quite familiar. I'll have to dig out my diary so I can follow where you're up to!

x Kate

At 20 June 2012 at 09:05 , Blogger Lady Katherine said...

P.s. here's my blog wrap of the Camino in one post from back in the day


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