Wednesday, 2 December 2009

big stuff

Yesterday we went to Teotihuacan the ancient pyramids of the pre-aztec era. The site was a huge metropolis of several 10s of thousands of people at its peak. There remains the huge stepped pyramids and some of the surrounding complexes with spectacular murals of mythical beasts and people


Today we went out to the leafy suburb of Coyoacan and the Casa Azul (House of Frida Kahlo). It was very intersting and had some great photos and paintings by Frida, and Diego Rivera. They had a cool day of the dead commemoration of the two.

We then took the subway even further into the suburbs to the University grounds where a famous chef/ food historian has set up a restaurant. After a bit of a hike and detour through the faculty of science we had a delicious meal.
On the way back we came across the most insanely sized cakes we have ever seen. If you ever meet a bridezilla after a 110kg wedding cake Pasticeria Ideal is the place! (Tom beside it for scale)


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