Monday, 30 November 2009

The big trip continues!

The last couple of years have been devoted to me passing my physician's exams and no blog worthy stuff has happened except for us getting married. Now we are on holidays in Mexico. After 20 hours in transit and a sleep we have been enjoying the sunshine of Mexico city and wandering the Sunday street life of the Districto Federal.

Setting off through the Historic centre we saw grand villas that have been mainly turned in to museums that have carved volcanic rock frescos. The gilded interior of the central post office and even a couple of tellers are open on Sunday!

Next we took a walk through the Alameda central park full of stalls selling all manner of plastic toys, food and cumbia music. There was a guy making a political speech to “the people” appropriately at the memorial to Benito Huarez (post independence president).

Sadly he was distracting people from the cool installation called Exodus that explores the emotions surrounding displaced peoples around the world. Suitably directly infront of the courts and department of the exterior.

It appears people with Drums and fancy costumes known as Concheros for the shells around their ankles are following us. They were in the Zocalo main square last night and today they were doing their pre Columbian nutbush at the Plaza de la Republica today. Very funky. It is reportedly a movement of people trying to reconnect with their pre colonial roots.

The Monument in the middle of the plaza is under reconstruction although the top figures are still visable.

We then strolled through more stalls and artworks set up in the Jardin de Artes and saw all the big statues and the giant Christmas tree on Av Reforma.

We tried tasty tacos with everything from zucchini flowers and cheese to chicken with mole at the Calle Oro Markets. Note – Chicharron (pork fat) is not so nice in salsa verde it’s like sloppy greasy tofu!

Our excursion then continued west to the Chapulteque park full of people out for a Sunday in the park to the Museo de Archeologia National which had fantastic exhibits on the ancient cultures of the region to prepare us for our trip to the ruins tomorrow.

PS sadly blogger photo uploading is too slow so the remainder of the photos will have to wait!