Saturday, 8 December 2007

"bonus" visit to Panama

It may not look like much but this piece of paper is very valuable!
The Cuban Embassy had told us what we read in Lonely Planet;We could get our "tourist entry card" at Havana Airport. This looked more dicey when we got very nervous looks from the LAN staff at Quito, but they were willing to let us try going to Santiago with the hope of getting one there or that people would know more about sending us on without the papers.
Arriving at Santiago boarding pass in hand I was excited. Sadly they decided we couldn't go after all about half an hour before the flight!
For reasons that are unclear Panama Airlines gives you the card at check in while LAN doesn't. So a new ticket bought we now get to hopefully see the Panama Canal from the air as we wing our way to Cuba, only a few hours (and a lump of cash) later.

More on the wonders of Galapagos soon! I'm sure you're willing to wait till I edit the 1000+ Good photos!