Thursday, 22 November 2007

Puno, Peru

The Peruvian town of Puno sits on the side of Lake Titicaca. The famous floating islands on Lake Titicaca are in a nearby bay.

The town itself is fairly unremarkable and sadly pollution of the bay has led to a think carpet of green algae which is in stark contrast to the shining waters Titicaca is famous for!

This area has been important for thousands years. The most spectacular of the ruins are several funerary towers, Chullpas, on nearby mountains. They were built by Colla, Lumaca and Incan cultures during their subsequent occupations of the region.

Both sites we went to visit command beautiful outlooks from flat top mountains.

On the side of some at Cutimbo you can see carvings of pumas and monkeys.

The famous sunset at Sillustani didn't disappoint.

We met up with a couple from California at the airport and with Ryan and Monica were able to rent a taxi to visit all the sites instead of going on a tour. And also explored a little of the town too.

The Uros Islands are man made floating islands formed from the Toro-toro reeds that grow around the edge of the lake.

The reeds constitute everything from food to walls and boats. Although it's a bit touristy these days it was still nice to visit for the morning.


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