Thursday, 27 September 2007

Worlds Most Dangerous Road Part 2

This was a great day, though the legs are pretty stiff at the moment!

We started off at 'La Cumbre' (the peak), at 4,700m.

All geared up and ready to go:

Before heading off, we made an offering of alcohol to the Earth Mother, to protect us on the way down:

Man, that stuff was worse than Tequila! Probably not the best idea to get drunk before starting??

The first 20k's or so was mostly tarmac, so we could get used to the bikes (which were amazing!) etc. It wasn't all plain sailing though, one girl in our group had a pretty bad stack and had to pull out. Visibility wasn't much at times:

Then we got to the official 'most dangerous' part, 46k's of gravel, still straight down. The moment of choice:

Some shots of the road on the way down:

After about 6 hours or so we made down the bottom (1200m), a drop of 3500m! After some lunch and a beer we had to take the bus all the way back up, almost as hairy as going down! Will put some videos up once we're somewhere with decent bandwidth.


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