Friday, 14 September 2007

So long between posts

We've been on the road for 3 weeks but wé've managed to fit alot in! After some "technical difficulties" the laptop is back in action and hopefully we'll have some photos up shortly.
The Uyuni Salt plains were a huge version of what we saw in Salta but there are islands of fossilised coral in the middle with cacti which is quite unexpected. Between here and the Atacama desert we saw two lots of geysers and lots of flamingos in high altitude lakes.
After a couple of days in Lima we made our way to Huaraz in the Cordillera Blanca. The town itself was rebuilt after a 1970s earthquake but the surrounding mountains are spectacularly beautiful. We went on the Santa Cruz trek up through hanging valleys close to the base of Alpamayo and crossed our highest pass so far at 4750m. There's significantly less oxygen up there!
Alojemiento Soledad, Huaraz was our base for "relaxing" while I did my interviews for jobs next year. Thankfully all of Tom's kind patience has paid off and I got offered a medical registrar job for next year last night!
We're in Trujillo now after a spectacular drive through the Cañon del Pato, a deep gash in the cordillera with mountains towering on both sides of a river. Yesterday we went to see the pre-Incan ruins of Chan Chan and the Huacas del Sol y Luna (Sun and Moon Temples) which have patterned Adobe walls.
So yes, lots of spectacular country. Better go get those photos organised!


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