Sunday, 12 August 2007

Where I work

As we get closer to leaving Salta, I'm getting sentimental about our time here. I also realized I never got any pictures up of where I work.

This is the view of the mountains from the Hospital Militar

This is a pretty typical room in the hospital. No moving the bed up and down and half of the backs get propped up with an extra piece of frame from another bed. Patient privacy is a little different here....

Thing that makes this place cool is the people. From the left, Diego (resident doctor), Me, Pablo (resident), Silvana the key nurse, Daniel the wardsman and down the bottom, Bernado (resident).

Ariel was taking the photo, he's the 4th resident shown here with Silvana, the head nurse who makes everything happen.

I'm going to really miss them all. They put up with my Borat like Spanish and looked after me like family when Tom was away. I've been lucky to find such great friends.


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