Wednesday, 4 July 2007

How many of the blue pills?

Sorry in advance for the paranoid doctor rant.
I had a cold last week and got some cold and flu tabs at the chemist after advice from my workmates. Strangely all I got was a blister sheet of tablets without a box or anything. I had to ask the girl how often to take them but in my haze forgot to ask how many. I get home and there are no doses next to the medication names or anything. Hmmm. At least I know what these meds are but what about the rest of the population?
The pharmacist labeling all medications and ensuring you have some idea of when to take them is something we take for granted in Australia. I now know just how important this is. We see patients in the walkin clinic and send people home from hospital with little sheets of paper with when to take all their meds because they won´t have instuctions on the packets. Then they get different brand names from the chemist and don´t know when to take which! I´m a little concerned. My take home istructions are becoming more and more detailed. I think my workmates think I´m crazy.
This is I guess another example of a system that relies less on interdisciplinary colaboration.... I hope to inspire my colleagues to take better advantage of the knowledge of our collaborators from para-medical disciplines. Now how many years was I planing to spend here to change the world???


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