Thursday, 3 May 2007

In Salta

Well, we've actually been here close to 3 weeks and I've just been slack about writing.

In our defense we have managed to find a place to live, applied for an internet connection and found a local food cooking class in between work and Spanish lessons.

Salta is a very friendly city accustomed to passing tourists and a few expats. It has lots of colonial buildings and some hills around three sides of the city - see picture - making me feel like I'm happily back in Gifu. To the north and west the hills climb steeply up to the Andes and altiplano. Needless to say the list of places to visit and go walking on the weekend is becoming very long!

The hospital were I am working, the Hospital Militar (right), is at the north edge of the city centre and less than 10 minutes from our flat. The ward I am on is not part of the army though and looks after people on an type of old aged pension called PAMI. The hospital is relaxed and friendly. I am getting used to not having all the comforts of home, like being able to find out a patients blood sugar or oxygenation without ordering it with the morning blood tests. In return my colleagues are being very helpful - only laughing at the more extreme episodes of my culture shock and correcting my Spanish. They're all great and I am optimistic this is going to be a great place to hone my clinical skills.
Thanks to Dad for the Google pictures. With any luck we┬┤ll get some of our own up soon. :-)


At 11 May 2007 at 23:56 , Blogger Colleen said...

Grandad spotted the new photos in photogallery - great lot of Cabo Froward etc- the cross is really substantial!! I suppose that is to prevent it blowing away.


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