Monday, 21 May 2007


We spent the weekend down in Cachi, a town about 4.5 hours from Salta up on the altiplano. It's mostly famous for the drive there - a single lane hugging the cliffs with a deep valley below. Apparently parents hold their children up to the window during the trip if they're crying, and the view stuns them into silence! The bus spent most of the time grinding through the gears and beeping its horn round any corner in case someone was coming the other way.

The town itself is very cute, with lots of adobe style buildings and a small church. The main timber in this part of the world is from the Cardon cactus (it's a very dry area) and most of the church was made from this, including the pulpit and confessional.

The town also has quite a cool museum, housed in an ornate white building. As well as an extensive collection of petroglyphs (rock carvings), it has a good collection of cacti and murals.

The other thing this area is famous for is sun-dried produce, particularly pimenton (paprika/capsicum). As the area is so dry and sunny, huge amounts of vegetables are spread out on any available flat surface (roofs/roads/paddocks) and left to dry out, leading to some great photo opportunities and tasty spices.

Some more photos from the weekend are up here: Cachi


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