Wednesday, 7 February 2007

not dead having great time

For the record i was not in a hostel fire . We where too busy having a great time seeing magma at the top of volcan villaricca and fantastic views throughout our trek. more on that later.... We are now clean and looking at how we will get to Argentina.


At 8 February 2007 at 02:06 , Blogger Benjamin said...

Thanks Kat.
Even though you aren't 26 any more, it was still not long ago so that was enough for me to call Ashe to check.

Keep living the dream


At 11 February 2007 at 20:30 , Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Kat, Yes I had a panicky call from someone but luckily I had looked at where you were on the map and knew you weren't at the place of the incident.

The grandmothers are over the moon that you called - isn't technology just grand!

Lots of love to you both


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