Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Nahuel Huapi Traverse

This was a three day trek we did around the national park outside of Bariloche, around some very scenic lakes and rock spires. The trek starts at the local ski resort (you catch the cable car up), and then hops between refugios along the national park. The full length is 4-5 days, but we ended up only doing a 3 day trek, as the route was closed due to snow beyond that. The Club Andino office in Bariloche wasn't particularly helpful on this front - after selling us the maps and talking about doing the trek, we had to specifically go back and ask about whether that section was open, and oh no, it's not! Luckily we'd run into Carrie & Abran again, and they'd had the same experience and warned us to check - the american guy at the CAB just hates his job...

The trek was a bit different to the other ones we've done so far - a lot of scrambling/climbing over rocks and up and down very steep sections, which isn't that fun with the packs on. Luckily we'd decided to not take the tent and stay in the refugios along the way, as that made them slightly lighter. A couple of great 'scree running' sections though, where you could almost ski down the slopes the earth was so unstable.

The first night we stayed at Refugio Frey next to Cerro Cathedral, which is also the premier rock-climbing destination in Argentina. We seemed to be the only trekkers there that night, everyone else was definitely there for the climbing. This provided some great photo opportunities, with people up & down rock spires that look like they could fall over at any minute.


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