Sunday, 14 January 2007

Out of the big smoke

Today we wing down from lovely cosmopolitan Santiago to Osorno.
The trip down was very exciting (when we eventually took off) with great views of the glacier carved Andes and snow capped volcanic cones all the way down. We even saw the distinctive Volcan Villaricca near Pucon with it's distinctive plume of smoke in the distance.
Now that we're getting closer to actually using more than a quarter of the contents of my pack I'm very happy.
Osorno itself is pretty small for a provincial centre made up of mainly quaint two story weatherboard buildings except for the couple of main streets. That said it's probably about the size of Orange so not that small. The people have that great small town friendliness which makes somewhere which otherwise just a stopover perfectly livable.
Sorry no photos for the minute as the net connections are too slow to upload them and we've lost patience. Watch this space :-)


At 15 January 2007 at 18:56 , Blogger Elisse said...

Hiya Tom & Kat,

Sounds like you've been having a brilliant time! The diving particularly sounds spectacular. Sitting at my desk at 8.30am on a Tuesday morning the "gin clear" waters of Easter Island held a special appeal :)

Considering the speed of most cafe connections I imagine we'll have to wait until you get settled before we see lots of photos. I'm really looking forward to when you do put them up though!

Ian & I left Josh & Tini's place on Saturday. It was very hard to leave. I had fallen in love with the space, location, layout & charm. Nowhere near equal to your mammoth house packing effort, but gathering up all our stuff + xmas presents & trying to cram them back into one room (while leaving some floor space) was not fun.

Amy, Jamie, Tini, Josh, Ian & I are off to Orange for the Australia Day long weekend. Amy's mum's friend (I really feel like I should add boyfriend's uncle's cat)has a house out there. Apparently it's out of town on a property and has a lot of old fashioned charm. I'm really looking forward to it! Although again, it doesn't really compare to jetsetting between Tahiti, Easter Island & Chile:)

OK, well I better get some work done. I'll keep checking your blog for details of your adventures!

Love, Elisse xx

At 15 January 2007 at 19:25 , Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Kat and Tom,

Scenery sounds spectacular - look forward to the photos when you are settled and by then you will have chosen your very best shots. Agree with Elisse that the diving sounded wonderful. Santiago sounded really interesting as well and I now am convinced we need to have a stopover there if we come to visit sometime. Lan has an ok price up to Oct (for Qantas we had to book by Jan19).

But now for the really big adventure and using 100% of the pack. Hope the weather treats you well.
Love Mum XXX

At 16 January 2007 at 00:33 , Blogger Emily said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the blog - its going to be great to follow your adventures! I've just been catching up and the south pacific sounded fantastic (can I be the third to agree the diving sounds awesome!).
Cant wait to hear more about south america and to see some pictures. That being said, you've been doing really well with all your posts so far.
I'm currently counting down my 4th last ED shift before moving upstairs to anaesthetics next week. ED has been busy and I've learnt alot (mostly by making it up as i've gone along) but I'm really (really) looking forward to Mon -friday 9-5 (ish).

Keep the stories coming,
take care,
em xx

At 16 January 2007 at 05:55 , Blogger Amanda said...

Hi Kat and Tom,

I know how Elisse feels - it's just after 7.30am in London and it's still dark outside - I can see lots of people with umbrellas being blown inside out outside the office. Sunshine and diving sounds like an excellent alternative!

Sorry I'll won't get to catch up with you guys when I visit home. Perhaps I'll have to find you and meet up when I go on holiday later in the year.

Luv Amanda.


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