Friday, 5 January 2007

Easter Island - Hanga Roa

We had a midnight flight out of Tahiti (that´s definitely one airport that needs air conditioning!), which actually worked quite well - the magic of sleeping pills!

Easter Island is thankfully a bit cooler than Tahiti, as we´re camping here, in a place called Camping Mihinoa. It´s in a great location, right on the headland with some fairly spectacular volcanic seascape just below us. It´s one downside is there´s no shade! Not that we're planning on spending any time in the tent during the day anyway, so not really a concern.

After dumping our bags and getting the tent setup it was then off to find our first moai (the statues for which the island is famous). There´s only really one place on the island that people live (population is ~4000), and there´s a couple of moai conveniently right there next to the beach. Seeing the statues with people surfing behind them in a fairly surreal experience!

We spent the rest of the day wondering around Hanga Roa - while tourism is obviously the main (only) industry, the town still has a very laid-back, small town feel to it which is very nice. We're doing the self-catering thing here, the kitchen at the campground is very well equipped. There's a supermarket in town with the basics, but the fruit & vegetable options aren't too good - most things are imported, and they don't seem to like the journey very much. However some of the Japanese backpackers at the campsite bought a 20 kilo tuna straight off the boat from some local fishermen, and we bought some off them - not bad for $7 a kilo! We ended the day with sashimi and sunset over the water.


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