Monday, 8 January 2007

Chile - Santiago

An easy flight out of Easter Island to Santiago, though it was very full - so much so that Kat & I couldn't sit next to each other, though this meant we both ended with windows seats :) We grabbed a cab to our hotel (Casa Condell) with a New Zealand couple we'd met a couple of days before, and who where on the same flight - not that suprising given there's only 5 flights out of Easter Island a week.

The hotel is a nice change after camping for several days - a real bed (and some space) is quite welcome. We went out to grab some dinner after dumping our bags, and explored the local options. Food here seems (relatively) very cheap, so we ended up in a place that looked very funky - all the walls inside where covered in graffiti, and some customers already in there (Chileans eat very very late) was a good sign. However we showed our true gringo natures once inside by asking if they did food - the name of the place (and also prominently on the menu) was 'Chorillana', which we promptly ordered for two. Turns out that this is a mound of fried steak strips, onion and egg nestled lovingly on a mountain of chips - very much like this (except twice as big). Delicious!


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